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How Long Does It Take to Develop an Application?

By Darshak Doshi

May 21, 2024

A mobile app for your company is crucial in today’s digital world. Given individuals’ time on mobile devices, companies must have a digital presence to connect with their consumers. Yet, many people have yet to learn what they’re getting into about the best mobile app development company. Creating an app from scratch may be complex, and questions about budgets. And timelines are prevalent. Thus, the blog will help you to understand one of the most pervasive questions: how much time is required to develop an app?

The blog will explore the usual delivery times of mobile apps and joint issues. And ways to speed up the development process to deliver projects on time without compromising quality.

Factors That Impact the App Development Time

If a company wants to enter the digital world, they need to know how long app development takes and what factors affect it. Significant factors that might impact the time frame of your app development are as follows:

Design and User Experience

A strong correlation exists between the quality of your app’s design and its users’ satisfaction. It takes work to create a pleasing and easy-to-use design. The amount of time spent on design and UX may be affected by factors including responsiveness to various screen sizes. And interactive components, unique animations, and the need for user testing. This step usually takes between two and three months to complete.

App Complexity

A significant factor in the time required to design your app is its intricacy. Constructing a simple app with essential functions could take a few weeks. But months or even years to develop a complicated app with extensive functionality. The development time for a complex app might increase due to the time. And effort needed for planning, coding, testing, and improving the app.

Backend Development

The success of your app hinges on your ability to set up a solid backend architecture. Building APIs, databases, and server infrastructure are all part of this process. The time needed for backend development is proportional to the app’s features’ intricacy and the required integration. Five to ten weeks is a typical duration for backend development with the best backend development company.


The main goals of front-end development are building the user interface (UI) and ensuring it works on different devices and platforms. The time required to make the front end may be affected by factors like the design’s intricacy. And the presence or absence of bespoke animations. On average, it takes between 5 and 10 weeks to finish developing the front end.

Third-party Integrations

Creating your app could get more involved if you include services and APIs. Also Libraries from third parties. Factors including API accessibility and integration complexity. And unexpected obstacles determine the time needed for third-party integrations. This stage could finish in a few weeks or as little as 30 days.

How Much Time is Required to Develop an Application Per the App’s Nature and Complexity?

The app’s kind and complexity are two of many variables that affect how long it takes to build. The expected development time for various applications is as follows:

Simple Apps

The usual development time for a simple app is between two and four months. This includes applications with a single function, such as utility apps or apps that provide essential information. These applications only need a little backend communication and offer minimal functionality. They focus on providing consumers with vital information or functionality in an easy-to-understand way via their minimalist user interfaces.

Mid-level Apps

Mid-level apps, including social networking platforms, productivity tools. Also e-commerce applications with modest capability, often need a development timetable of 4 to 8 months. These applications often have more intricate UIs and may integrate with other systems in the background to help with tasks like user identification and payment processing. They take more time to design than basic applications. Since they often include complex features like live-location services or real-time chat.

Complex Apps

Marketplace platforms, gaming apps, and enterprise-level software are complex apps. That needs considerable development and may take eight months to a year or more to produce. These applications often include cutting-edge capabilities like artificial intelligence. And augmented reality, intricate backend systems, and detailed user interfaces. To top it all off, improving their functionality. And user experience requires complex third-party connections.

Remember that these are only forecasts and the time it takes to complete the project. And may vary depending on several aspects, including the team’s level of experience and the nature of the project. An app development partner like The Intellify can develop your apps based on your requirements without compromising quality.

Further factors affecting the total development duration include unexpected challenges or modifications to the project’s needs. Thus guaranteeing the app’s prompt release while upholding quality standards. It is vital to plan, communicate, and check progress often.

How Much Time Does it Take to Build Android Apps?

Usually, it takes between 2 and 9 months for Create best Android app development. Please note that this time estimate may change due to several factors. App complexity, functionality, design needs, and third-party service integration are all relevant considerations. Timeframes may go above 9 months in some situations, particularly for complicated projects. And for building separate native apps for Android and iOS rather than choosing cross-platform development.

How Much Time Does it Take to Build iOS Apps?

An iOS app has a shorter development time frame, anywhere from two to eight months. This is because, compared to Android app development, iOS app development is considered more superficial in time, money, and effort. Swift, Apple’s native programming language, contributes since it’s easier and faster to code. Java or Kotlin are the languages usually used to create Android apps.

Factors That Might Delay the Development Time of Applications

Fast app launches are the goal of many companies. Thus, they need to know what might delay app development. Here are a few of the leading causes of app development delays and their solutions:

Mid-project Changes

The development process might get derailed if the project strategy. And that requirements undergo many modifications during development. Some examples of such changes may include new or different features, functions, or design components. Modifications made in the middle of development affect project schedules and quality. Having a well-defined project scope from the beginning is crucial for minimizing this problem. To further reduce the influence on the development schedule, stakeholders should communicate. And work together often to spot and handle any modifications early on.

Inexperienced Developers

The app development process might be slowed. If developers lack proper skills and experience. Without enough expertise, developers may fumble. That over difficult technological obstacles, leading to missed deadlines and mediocre work.

To sidestep this problem and create top-notch applications. Companies should hire developers with expertise and experience. Another way to ensure development goes is to work with a trustworthy app development company such as The Intellify

Complicated Technologies

Dealing with complicated technological needs and integrating with third-party systems. And considering scalability when developing an app might be challenging. Due to these intricacies, it may be necessary to do more study and tests. And adjust to achieve the intended functionality and performance levels. Developers need in-depth problem-solving skills and a solid grasp of the issue to tackle this. Developers may overcome difficult technical obstacles and improve development efficiency by investing in continuous training and keeping up with the newest technology.

Industry-related Differences

The app’s development timeframe might be affected by the industry it is being designed for. In contrast to on-demand applications with more robust features. And functions, social networking apps, for instance, may have shorter development timetables. App development timelines may be better estimated and planned for when companies have a deeper grasp of the specific needs and obstacles faced by the target sector.

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How to Speed Up App Development Time?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, when companies must launch apps to be competitive, speeding up the duration of application development is vital. To shorten the time it takes to create an app, consider these strategies:

Minimum Viable Products and R&D

You may reduce app development time by making prototypes or developing Minimum Viable Product (MVP). MVPs are the simpler version of the app that include essential functions. They are helpful for early user feedback and app concept validation. Beginning with an MVP or prototype allows companies to expand upon the original idea by including new features and enhancing existing ones.

Go for Cross-Platform Development

Xamarin and PhoneGap are examples of cross-platform development frameworks. So that developers may use it to create applications that run well on iOS and Android. This method allows for code reuse between platforms, which shortens development time and lowers costs. It does this without sacrificing the program’s performance or user experience.

Recruit an Expert Developer

One way to speed up the development process is to hire a skilled development partner like The Intellify. Professional developers’ knowledge and experience allow them to create superior-quality applications. While cutting down on development time, they can guarantee a pleasing design. Another way to access a large pool of skilled programmers is to outsource to development teams located abroad.

Agile Development

Using agile development approaches may improve both the development cycle and the time to market. Agile approaches focus on responsiveness to change and stakeholder input. And two-way communication between developers and stakeholders. By dividing the development process into smaller, more manageable jobs, agile development. And that allows for constant feedback and iteration, resulting in quicker app delivery.

White-Label Solutions

Partnerships with white-label solution providers allow for fast product or service launches under a company’s name. These solutions also allow quicker market entrance without sacrificing key competencies, as they use current infrastructure and capabilities.

Automated Testing

Automated testing techniques can reduce the time spent on manual testing while improving the app’s quality. Since automated testing enables the simultaneous execution of several tests. It can also help faster discovery and correction of mistakes and faults. Developers who include automated testing in the development process guarantee quicker. And more efficient app development cycles.


A mobile app is necessary for your business to thrive in this technological era. If you want your app idea to become a reality, The Intellify is your mobile app development partner. Their full-stack development and consulting services are part of our entire portfolio. And customized to your requirements, from initial ideation to final implementation. They are dedicated to working with you to develop your app idea. As they have helped significant companies improve their mobile presence and drive company growth.


1. How Many People Do You Need to Make a Mobile App?

An average team of 5-6 developers is enough. The backend is the domain of backend developers. Whereas the frontend is the domain of frontend developers. A different option would be to recruit full-stack developers.

2. What is the Usual Approval Time for an App in the Google Play Store?

The usual publication time is three to six days. Nonetheless, a thorough evaluation can take seven days or more in some situations.

3. How Long Does it Take to Create An App?

The time it takes to build an app is influenced by its features, technological stack, team size, and project scope. Ensuring timely completion requires careful planning and resource allocation.

4. What Are the Most Critical Stages in Creating a Mobile App?

The main phases are research, planning, coding, testing, and deployment. Building an app that meets users’ demands. And company goals need careful attention to each step.

5. How Can I Ensure App Success After Launch?

Post-launch success depends on elements such as a marketing plan. Also user participation, and ongoing upgrades. To boost growth and enhance the user experience, collecting feedback, examining stats, and iterating is recommended.

Written By,
Darshak Doshi

Written By, Darshak Doshi

The CTO and Co-Founder of The Intellify. Darshak thrives on exploring innovative techniques and strategies. His insightful posts are a valuable resource for businesses seeking fresh development ideas.

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